Our Story

BE A BEAST Clothing originated in 2007. It was created by Joseph Schmulian a former professional tennis player on the ATP tour. So many current brands seem to be indistinguishable from each other. Our brand breaks out of this "norm." There existed a need for a more "Extreme" clothing brand and BE A BEAST clothing is the answer!

Not only is the product eye catching and the designs unique, but the brand represents something more powerful, an idea. Our brand represents that which resides deep inside our core, the willingness and need to always do better, to be the best, to BE A BEAST. good, better, best BEAST! Our goal is that every person who wears a BEAST garment or purchases a BEAST product feels a higher sense of self, a higher emotional state of belief in themselves, their abilities, and achieves a clearer more positive outlook on their life and of the world around them.

Every one of us strives to BE A BEAST in one way or another and it's the effort we give that determines our success. It's not always about the size of your biceps, it's about the size of your heart. One thing that all "BEASTS" have in common is a BIG HEART! As an athlete Beast Clothing also provides you with an edge by intimidating your opponent. At the highest levels any advantage is critical and often the difference between victory and defeat.

At the same time a good laugh is always a win in itself! There's nothing like it to lift your spirits and keep you positive about life. That's why our other main INSPIRATIONAL slogans are: "Don't be a rookie, BE A BEASTTM" and "We don't just like it, WE LOVE IT!TM" Say it like you mean it!

We HELP others through the BE A BEAST Foundation. 10% of our net sales are used to sponsor and support athletes in every sport we offer clothing in. In this manner we are able to give back and support those who support us! Hopefully our support will help them achieve and exceed their dreams and goals which is the ULTIMATE VICTORY. A portion of this money also goes toward supporting our military families and heroes, the "true BEASTS" of our world and the "true BEASTS" of our sporting world the disabled athletes at "make a hero.org"

Good, better, best, BEAST is the core motto of our business side. We always strive to satisfy our customer with a quality product that is durable and energizes them emotionally. We maintain a higher standard in our work environment and also a more enjoyable one. We strive to better- our communities by supporting fund raisers.

Don't be a rookie, BE A BEAST!